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The Art & Science of Coaching

The Art & Science of Coaching

Program Curriculum

  • See how The Art & Science of Coaching prepares you to become a transformational certified coach.


The Art & Science of Coaching is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)* from one of the most recognized institutions in the world. Whether you are an individual looking to become a professional life or business coach, or a leader in an organization looking to advance professionally by acquiring Solution-Focused coaching skills, our certified coach training program will provide you with the most comprehensive training and coaching tools.

By taking The Art & Science of Coaching you will develop a solid foundation in the theory and practice of Solution-Focused coaching. Discover how to help others realize their higher potential and take action that aligns with their bigger vision. Become aware of the key factors that lead to a meaningful transformation within an individual, and learn to apply highly effective coaching methodologies to create a positive change.

Erickson’s coaching training is offered both online and on-site, providing you with an opportunity to choose a type of learning style that suits you best. Offering the same powerful coach training curriculum and master facilitators, our on-site programs take place in some of the most beautiful cities around the world, while our online coach training is the only true virtual online coach trainingin the industry!

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Program Curriculum

Module I

Upon completion of this Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, you will have learned:

  • How to define coaching as a profession
  • How to establish and demonstrate a strong coaching presence
  • How to use strategies for establishing intimacy and trust
  • How to establish an effective coaching session contract (coaching agreement)
  • How to apply powerful questioning techniques to assist clients towards solutions and effective actions

Module II

  • Use strategies to assist clients to create and streamline their action plan
  • Listen actively to their clients listening beyond just their words
  • Use visualization technologies for higher brain functioning
  • Use voice tone and language structures for effective communication
  • Apply approaches that encourage client self-awareness and recognition of their own developing competencies

Module III

  • Apply coaching exercises to assist clients to prioritize effectively, organize their priorities and maintain the discipline to complete them
  • Use processes to support clients in developing mastery of a desired skill-set over the long term
  • Utilize effective language to challenge clients beyond self-imposed obstacles
  • Apply various tools to assist clients to overcome productivity challenges
  • Enable clients to access their deeper knowledge with specific exercises

Module IV

  • Use specific techniques to hold clients accountable to their action plans and to acknowledge their progress
  • Apply a set of questions to determine the client’s motivational style and assist them to devise a plan to increase their satisfaction
  • Utilize simple techniques to shift a client from a stress response to resourcefulness
  • Use professional and respectful conduct as outlined by the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics
  • Apply the principles of Solution-Focused feedback in evaluating self and peers

*Modules I – IV of The Art & Science of Coaching are recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a program supplying a total of 128 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Module V supplies 28 additional hours of coach specific training as well as mentorship. Note: Completion of Modules I – IV of The Art & Science of Coaching fulfills ACSTH requirements only; Module V is required to complete the ACTP.