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High Performance Team Coaching

High Performance Team Coaching

Customizable to your specific project or challenges

High Performance Team Coaching program has helped team and project managers throughout the world apply our specific values-based tools to enhance innovation and strategic thinking. This course examines and defines the structure and principles within the team dynamic to effect clear, consistent, and measurable outcomes. Shifting team members from competitiveness to mutual trust and respect, is paramount to successful completion of business goals. You will be surprised at the difference a 24-hour investment can make to your team’s efficiency, relationship, and performance!

Align and motivate teams to achieve set goals.

The on-site program is a 3-day (21 training hours) course that is delivered in an intensive workshop format.

Program Outcomes:

  • A process to facilitate team alignment and trust
  • Visual group decision-making tools
  • Team facilitation and accountability
  • Active application of your team charter, mission, and vision

Special Features:

  • ICF CCEU credits (14hrs)
  • Erickson Team Coach Certificate

If you would like to learn more about High Performance Team Coaching, please call: +91 98100 88509