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Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching

See Why Coaching Skills Have Become a Key Part Of Successful Organizations

Coaching is fast becoming a core competency requirement in the workplace!

Based on neuroscience and the latest research in organizational change theories and systems from cognitive psychology, Erickson organizational coach training programs are based on Solution-Focused principles and Outcome-Oriented Coaching, which provide a real and relevant connection between workplace and core values.

Organizations come to Erickson instill a coaching culture, both within their leadership style and throughout the entire organization. As the leading global coach training institution, Erickson has assisted countless organizations in developing coaching competency in the workplace. 

Our Clients

Shift your organization to a Solution-Focused, collaborative and results-driven coaching culture

5 results you can expect from Erickson’s Organizational Coaching programs

  1. Accountability for action, outcomes, and results
  2. Improved team performance and morale
  3. Retention of top performers
  4. Increased employee engagement and productivity
  5. Solidified bench strength

Typical Coaching Clients Within Organizations

(Source: Brandon Hall Group’s State of Performance Management study, a comparison was done on Level 4 vs other organizations)

Effective learning and development require a significant amount of time and financial investment from companies. Erickson recognizes the difficulty organizations face to train employees for days at a time. Acquired skills also need to be actively and consistently applied in a day-to-day setting for full benefits to be realized.

Erickson is known for its superior flexibility in coach training program delivery and has created the world's cutting-edge Online Academy for coach training. Our coach training programs can be done Online – through the Academy, On-Site at your premises, or as a blended model. This allows organizations to create a delivery format that accommodates its budget and time constraints.