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Why Choose Erickson

Why Choose Erickson

5 Reasons to Choose Coach Training from
Erickson Coaching India

1. Over 36 years of pioneering human development programs globally

Erickson Coaching was founded in 1980 and initially specialized in NLP, counseling, and other fundamental human development programs. During that time, the founder Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D. was already anticipating a fundamental shift in the model from past-centered dissatisfaction to orienting clients towards their desired future outcomes. She actively shaped how Solution-Focused Methodology now informs and differentiates coaching from other disciplines in the field.

2. Certification is accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Erickson Coaching is a firm supporter of The International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF regulates the standards for all coaching educational institutions to deliver a high quality of coach training, so that each new coach meets core competencies of a high professional caliber. Individual coaches and schools that pursue ICF accreditation demonstrate expertise in coaching, in both knowledge and skill, and an ongoing commitment to excellence. Erickson’s world-renowned coach training program The Art & Science of Coaching, and many other coaching courses we teach, are fully accredited by the ICF.

3. Trainers include internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches

All Erickson trainers are ICF certified coaches that have years of experience facilitating and leading training, alongside their own thriving coaching practices. They are experts in the field of coaching, and their training is appraised yearly by senior educational administration to ensure that they meet Erickson’s high standards of delivery and expertise.

4. Unmatched tools and resources to support your continuing education

Your experience with Erickson Coaching doesn’t end when your training is finished. There are many ways we keep connected. The Erickson Online Academy is a central platform where you can chat with fellow Erickson coaches from anywhere in the world, access your course materials, video footage, and ask questions from coaching instructors. We make sharing ideas, thoughts, techniques and tips easy and interactive.

5. Entrepreneurial training and coaching business building support

If you want to hone your entrepreneurial skills, our Erickson Business Center can help. It is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to build a successful coaching business. It's essential to learn how to be a great coach, and if you want to be an entrepreneur as well, you can start developing a successful business mindset right from the start.